Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Diary

I opened my eyes in the night and I looked next to me. I feel the need to hold you in my arms.
You came into my life and I immediately felt a particular feeling and now, simply, 
I need you in every moment of my life. Every single day, every minute... my mind is looking for you.
You know, not easy for me to describe my feelings because my english is horrible but... I want to try and I decided to create this blog for us. I would like if us use this as a diary, our diary, to feel closer.
In these pages we can insert thoughts, images, music... everything that makes us feel closer.
When we feel too distant, when we feel sad, when we feel happy... we can open our diary to retrace our love.
At this moment I try to imagine you in your bed, your eyes closed, but on your face I can see a slight smile. I stroke your face and I desire a sweet night for you.
I hope you like this idea and I leave you remembering your words: one day we will be free.
I love you.

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